miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010


I was searching a long time for the perfect house, somewhere far from the city, somewhere quiet and alone.. A small little house i can call my own, a perfect little home just for me and my pets.
And one morning i finally found it, right in the middle of the woods it stood there almost screaming at me....it was then when i gazed my eyes on the house and thought to myself: "It's magical!" I felt as if the house was smiling at me and it seamed that the house was looking for the perfect owner just as much as i was looking for the perfect home...

I moved in right away! Me and my pets ( all 7 of them) loved the place, it was the house of our dreams and we all got used to living in it very fast...it indeed felt like "HOME"

...but one day it all went down heel....some friends came over and invited me to go camping for a week and i was more than happy to go so i accepted the offer...little that i knew i was never going to leave...

I woke up very early, my tent was ready, my sleeping bag was ready, food, clothes, everything was ready for my camping trip , all i had to do was leave...sounded easy enough, but it wasn't! When i tried to open the door, it shut abruptly in my face and locked itself! I tried and i tried to open it, but it was useless...i ran to the windows, same thing, they just closed the moment i got to them and no matter how hard i tried they would not open. I grabbed the nearest thing and tried to brake the windows...it was useless..i tried smashing them with a hammer, the hammer bounced right back...i tried and i tried to get out and other have tried to get in...it was the house...the house would not let anyone in or out...i was and still am a prisoner of my own home!

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4 comentarii:

  1. Yikes! Be careful what you wish for! Fun read, Emilia.

  2. Fascinating read, Emilia and sometimes we do feel like the prisoners within the four walls of our own making.

    Well done!

  3. A whole new meaning for 'housebound'! I was about to buy it too.