vineri, 24 septembrie 2010


In my view, smell  is one of the most important sense we can have.
Thanks to the sense of smell we can feel the taste of different aromas, for instance, if we were to hold our nose and taste a strawberry would feel that it's sweet, thanks to our sense of taste, we would not feel the aroma, just the taste, and taste only includes: sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, and it is smell that determines the aroma every time we eat something.

Not only that, but this important sense is present in our lives from the beginning, when we are born, the mother takes us in her arms and feeds us and we are able to be fed and find our way to the source of our food thanks to smell, we are no different than animals when it comes to feeding, we need to smell our food in order for us to eat it, and many times we refuse to eat something if it doesn't smell pleasant enough, and some times we can smell something so powerful we can almost taste it, and part of that is true, thanks to this wonderful sense we can even "taste" things we would normally never eat.

Just like animals, we choose our mates based mostly on smell, even though we don't actually "smell" our partners, we are attracted to them with the help of hormones, that our noses can detect and so can our subconscious.

We even have certain expressions that point out how important the sense of smell is, for example: "danger is so close, you can almost smell it" , "smell of victory"...

I did not knew what to write for this weeks magpie

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  1. can you imagine not having a sense of smell? Nice post.

  2. My mother lost her senses of taste and smell a few months before passing away ... it was sheer torture for her.

  3. I knew a lady once that was in a bad car accident and lost her ability to taste and smell. She ended up loosing a lot of weight because her desire to eat and enjoy food was sad that is. Love your information...well written and perfect for the prompt Emilia. :-)

  4. ah but you captured it well...scent adds so a an grabs you and cements itself there for you to remember every time you smell it...nice magpie...

  5. What you didn't know to write you wrote very well.

  6. Very well done. in your own, you sensed the aroma for a nice magpie.

  7. An excellent description of the importance of the sense of smell.

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