marți, 21 septembrie 2010

When worlds collide

I was always fascinated with art, but i do not have a talent, it is true i tried different things, i failed some, i am learning some...
That is why i started this blog, to see if i actually have any writting skills, and i always love i made a deviantart account

Check it out, tell me your thoughts, constructive critique, tips, ideas, advice are welcomed and much appreciated!
I am not very good yet, but i am learning and the more i learn and the better i'll buy a better camera too, because i thought it's not worth paying too much money for a new camera if i'm not good at taking pictures...some are borned talented, some work really hard to gain certain skills, and some, like me, just try to express themselves in various ways and hope that the message gets across...
I hope to get better at photography and at writting so i could share with others my ideas, my thoughts, my visions...
My deviant account is:

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