luni, 27 septembrie 2010

Words are complicated

I try to do a little of everything, and most of all i try to find a way to express myself since i am not using words properly to get my message across. 
It is quite interesting that we have so many languages, and each language has so many words and expressions, but still we are misunderstood most of the time.
Even if we live in the same country and speak the same language it seems to me that people are foreigners, they do not know how to really communicate and fully understand each other, is seems to me that they know nothing about the ones that surround them and most importantly they know nothing about themselves...maybe that's why is is so hard to fully understand each other, because we do not understand ourselves....
Some people talk and some people listen...but do they get the main  idea? Do they truly comprehend ?
"There's so much said in empty words."  

Maybe one day we will all learn to speak from our hearts and brains, not from our mouths.... 

A world of roses

All these photos are dedicated to a dear close friend who made an entire world around these beautiful symbolic flowers... I care for her deeply and her marvelous  writing inspired me to make these pictures...

vineri, 24 septembrie 2010


In my view, smell  is one of the most important sense we can have.
Thanks to the sense of smell we can feel the taste of different aromas, for instance, if we were to hold our nose and taste a strawberry would feel that it's sweet, thanks to our sense of taste, we would not feel the aroma, just the taste, and taste only includes: sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, and it is smell that determines the aroma every time we eat something.

Not only that, but this important sense is present in our lives from the beginning, when we are born, the mother takes us in her arms and feeds us and we are able to be fed and find our way to the source of our food thanks to smell, we are no different than animals when it comes to feeding, we need to smell our food in order for us to eat it, and many times we refuse to eat something if it doesn't smell pleasant enough, and some times we can smell something so powerful we can almost taste it, and part of that is true, thanks to this wonderful sense we can even "taste" things we would normally never eat.

Just like animals, we choose our mates based mostly on smell, even though we don't actually "smell" our partners, we are attracted to them with the help of hormones, that our noses can detect and so can our subconscious.

We even have certain expressions that point out how important the sense of smell is, for example: "danger is so close, you can almost smell it" , "smell of victory"...

I did not knew what to write for this weeks magpie

marți, 21 septembrie 2010

When worlds collide

I was always fascinated with art, but i do not have a talent, it is true i tried different things, i failed some, i am learning some...
That is why i started this blog, to see if i actually have any writting skills, and i always love i made a deviantart account

Check it out, tell me your thoughts, constructive critique, tips, ideas, advice are welcomed and much appreciated!
I am not very good yet, but i am learning and the more i learn and the better i'll buy a better camera too, because i thought it's not worth paying too much money for a new camera if i'm not good at taking pictures...some are borned talented, some work really hard to gain certain skills, and some, like me, just try to express themselves in various ways and hope that the message gets across...
I hope to get better at photography and at writting so i could share with others my ideas, my thoughts, my visions...
My deviant account is:

luni, 20 septembrie 2010


            Have i ever told you the story of  dream-sand? Well it was a long long time ago, long before mankind existed, , in place that exists only in vivid imaginations...It was a magical place, with pale green fields and sparkling fairies everywhere, dancing gnomes and chocolate milk streams, candy flowers and berry picking dragons. A place where all legends were true, and all creatures lived in peace and harmony, a place where werewolves an sheep worked together to build a biscuit castle for their young, a marvelous place with unicorns that played cards with chess pieces under a smiling sky.

It was in this place the moon, the sun and the stars decided to create the dream-sand, a type of sand that can give every little creature the ability to dream and when the dream is over it should come true. Everyone loved the idea, even thought no one knew or understand the concept of dreaming, except for a sneaky little fairy that wanted absolute power over the other creatures, so the fairy decided to steal all the dream-sand and use it to turn the others into slaves, and that is what she did.

After the magical dream sand was made out of stardust, moonlight and sunshine, everyone got a little bit to try it out and see if it works and if they like dreaming. Indeed it worked, and everyone was so pleased they wanted to dream some more... they loved using only their ideas and imagination to create new and beautiful things. It was a thrill to see a dragon dreaming of a machine that projected imagines of creatures that could be controlled by a board with buttons on it, and all day the dragon played with his characters and made worlds for them, thought of plots and plans and gave them items to battle with or to travel with.
And the fairies dreamed of paints that were placed on canvases to create imagines, and those imagines looked lovely on the biscuit castle's walls.
The gnomes dreamed of tools that they can use to create gardens filled with plants of all shapes, sizes and colors, while the werewolves and sheep thought of other werewolves and sheep so they would always have the company of their own kind.

It was better then before, and everyone was even happier, until the selfish fairy stole the dream-sand and promised not to give it back until everyone becomes  a slave and does what ever the fairy tells them too.
The other creatures felt sad without the dream-sand but they would never give up their freedom, so they all refused. The fairy was furious! 
"-If they won't become my slaves willingly, i will make them!" the fairy thought. "-But how? How can i make them my slaves?"and then she got the horrid idea to dream of the other creatures as slaves and jumped right into the dream-sand. 


It was too much dream-sand for such a little creature, so the fairy lost the magic it had inside and became human, just like the other fairies . The other creatures were affected by the explosion as well, some became only myths that you hear from the other humans, some you can see in paintings or in gardens, and others, like the sheep and werewolves, became simple animals that are always together, but somehow, always lonely....

The sun, the moon and the stars were so upset, they never wanted the dream-sand to be used like this, they only wanted to bring joy in the hearts of others...that is when they all decided to never create anything like it before, so they each went their own ways...

What was left of the dream-sand was put in little diamond bottles that were given to a few angels to guard and protect from other selfish creatures...we call those angels "Sandmen"

My magpie

joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Escape the asylum

After years and years..i saw a way out! HAHAHA...those silly doctors, they ignorant, just because i am insane, mad and enjoy my mania with rats and tea, does not mean i am stupid!
Yes...i planned carefully and i planned well and tonight...
Tonight i shall escape the asylum!

I will finally be i am in my mind, in own little world...
They say i am insane...but i am more normal then they are because i accept and embrace my insanity, i don't try to fight it like the rest, i am happy and free knowing that i am abnormal, weird, mad.
Ha, i am more normal then they are because i can actually stay sane inside my insanity
But i have to stay focused, must wait for the perfect time...when the clock strikes  04:00 i shall break the window with the dancing ghost and i shall run as fast and far as i can....
The ghost? Well, i've spoken to the ghost, i gave it all my candy in the last 3 months so the ghost won't stop me and if she wants she can run free with me as well...
And for the fence...well i already sent my darling rats to dig and i shall crawl under it...
You see, at 04:00 the doctors are all in a deep sleep and the guard usually watches something disgusting  on he'll be busy and won't notice me...but just in case i will roll in mud so i can camouflage i enjoy the mud...

Oh, and i have my trusty apple to break the window with...all i have to do is wait....yes ..wait...tik tok tik tok...come on now...not much longer....soon i shall be free!!! 

That's it,it's 04:00 i can run free now!!!!!


"And this is the patient that makes all the trouble around here.She throws apples at the other doctors, bites nurses, colects bugs and talks to them,oh and it seems she tried to escape again, you see, she does this every month, she tries to break the window with an apple....well it's better then having it thrown at watch your step, i'll show you the patient that thinks he's a gremlin, he always makes us laugh..."

 another magpie

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Express yourself

Ever so often something just pops into my brain, something that might just be a good idea...that is when i find myself rushing to a piece of paper wanting to write it down, but until i get there...all the words that form that idea just seem to pour out of my brain and i lose them on the way...
so i end up writing something completely different, something that doesn't even make sense, something that has no depth and barely has a meaning....
every time i try to stop the words from pouring, i even try to retrace my steps hoping i can somehow find my words, pick them up and put them back in my brain so i could make them harmoniously dance on the paper, just like i intend them to, but it is all in vain, so i decided to never go look for them again...

Ever so often i feel that words are overwhelming me, that is when i take a deep breath, smile and just let them run free.....

vineri, 3 septembrie 2010

I love apples

We all know that old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"..well from where i am standing , it's very very true. Every day they feed me at least an apple , they say it will keep me strong and healthy. Ha!!! Healthy?! They all claim i have an unhealthy mind, that i am mad...why would they want me to be healthy?

But i love apples, they are round and hard and easy to doctor hates them:)) I never eat my apples...i hide them under my pillow and when the doctor comes to check up on me i throw them at him until he ether runs away or he call for help and makes me go to sleep....

I just hope that one day i will be able to kill him with an that will keep that nasty doctor and his injections away for ever! 

And anyways, apples are fruits and fruits are my friends, i love them and they love me, how could i eat them? 
I am sure you don't eat your friends.
And besides, if i would eat them who would keep me company...yes, i still have my darling plague rats, but you know how they are, they come and go, you can't really rely on them to stay.

But one day, yes one day i will murder that doctor and i shall become indeed stronger and healthy because you know what i say: "One adam's apple a day keeps the doctor away!" 

a quick magpie

miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Little things

I am a person that loves to learn i am not exaggerating when i say i do indeed  learn something new every single day of my life...and these days i learned how to take macro pictures....yay! My first macro...

But most importantly i remembered that there is beauty everywhere around us, all we have to do  is open our eyes and our hearts and truly gaze at the beauty that our planet has. The beauty that is nature, the beauty that is so imperfect....yet perfect...the beauty of the paradox that is this planet...the beauty that we can only find in little is indeed the little things that are more beautiful and much more bigger then we like to is in that beauty that i find joy, comfort, happiness, is in  that beauty that i like to live my life every single day...
 it is  those little things that give the strength and power that i need and most of all help me keep going on and on and on... It is the little things that keeps us alive...and keeps me alive...and every time i gaze upon the little things i realize how beautiful life is and That is the source of my energy!

"Everywhere you look, there is something to see"


I was searching a long time for the perfect house, somewhere far from the city, somewhere quiet and alone.. A small little house i can call my own, a perfect little home just for me and my pets.
And one morning i finally found it, right in the middle of the woods it stood there almost screaming at was then when i gazed my eyes on the house and thought to myself: "It's magical!" I felt as if the house was smiling at me and it seamed that the house was looking for the perfect owner just as much as i was looking for the perfect home...

I moved in right away! Me and my pets ( all 7 of them) loved the place, it was the house of our dreams and we all got used to living in it very indeed felt like "HOME"

...but one day it all went down heel....some friends came over and invited me to go camping for a week and i was more than happy to go so i accepted the offer...little that i knew i was never going to leave...

I woke up very early, my tent was ready, my sleeping bag was ready, food, clothes, everything was ready for my camping trip , all i had to do was leave...sounded easy enough, but it wasn't! When i tried to open the door, it shut abruptly in my face and locked itself! I tried and i tried to open it, but it was useless...i ran to the windows, same thing, they just closed the moment i got to them and no matter how hard i tried they would not open. I grabbed the nearest thing and tried to brake the was useless..i tried smashing them with a hammer, the hammer bounced right back...i tried and i tried to get out and other have tried to get was the house...the house would not let anyone in or out...i was and still am a prisoner of my own home!

a magpie tale