joi, 19 august 2010


"Just lay back. relax and let the water and soap wash all your pain away...." that is what the doctor ordered, he even told me: " It's just a dream, it's not real and it will all go away". But he doesn't know...that it isn't a dream, it's just as real as he is and just as annoying.
How can he have the nerve to tell me that it's all a dream., when the scratches and the woonds prove i am right, prove that i am not imagine things, prove that i am not mad...But they want me to be mad...yes...that's it...they want me to be mad so they could lock me in for ever.. but i won't let can't let them...i musn't let them! If they lock me up i can't run anymore and i certanely can't hide and then i will surely die...
I was haunted by that...that..thing, that monster ever since i moved out....and i don't know why am i the only one that can see it, feel it, get hurt by it...and it only comes out at the shadows...If they lock me up, it will always be there in the shadows...tormenting me to death...but i can't let them lock me up...i have to prove them that it is real and i am not insane...

"-This won't hurt at all. You might feel a bit weak, i suggest you sleep. The doctor will soon come to see you...just relax and it will go away." the nurse said in a low, menacing voice...that's how i know It already got me!

marți, 17 august 2010

Summer warmth

  Summer comes only once a year!

That's why i am sad it's almost over ...I have so much more ice cream to eat, and swimming to do, not to mention so many other pictures to take and sights to see, books to read...

Oh summer...i shall miss you like i miss long mornings, and butterflyes, sweet watermelons and icy juices...Wallnut ice cream and the warm sun on my skin...summer..the only season i can wash my hair and let it dry naturalt..The only season when i can walk barefoot, and the only season i can lay on the grass and hear the birds and bugs whisper sweet sounds of summer in my heart....

joi, 12 august 2010

Life is too short to get rusty

As i stared as these rusted pipes i remembered my long forgotten dreams...dreams that were just as rusty and old...but just as strong in my mind and in my hearts, dreams so colorful that managed to echo in my head for years and years...

Those kind of innocent dreams that begin when you find out that you can think, wish, want and dream...Dreams that are just as old as you are, dreams that gain depth and meaning as you grow, dreams that change as your personality changes, but somehow manage to remain the same...dreams that scar you, that shape you, that make you who you are...

Dreams that seem impossible...and dreams that you want to be impossible, dreams that never die, not even when your very essence is broken. Those kind of dreams that make you get up when you are in your lowest position...dreams that push you further and further, dreams that test your limits and dreams that  cheer you up when you desperately need it.

It is those dreams that we often forget when we lose ourselves in our daily lives, but we remember them when we need fixing..and just like these rusted pipes those dreams need taking care off...and what better way to take care of a dream than to fulfill it!

Life is to short to get reach for your goals and live your dreams!

marți, 10 august 2010

Garden of Eden?

The place was one in sight for miles and miles on end. The only noise was that made by the wind and insects and the building in front was old and falling apart, a few windows were broken and the gray curtains were dancing playfully being blown by the wind. the door was wide oped as if someone or something broke in the house and the stairs had scratches all over them, just like the walls...As i looked closer i've noticed blood stains all over and then i felt a chill...i turned, and in a blink of an eye i saw a big black shadow, i tried to move but i couldn't and before i could scream i was covered by the thick freezing shadow...and jsut as it came it dissaperead and something caught my was magnificent garden right in front of could i not notice it before?

All the plants were vivid green and the blooming flowers were almost smiling at me, butterflyes were playing about and the bright white light made it look like a fairy tale.
The garden looked, smelled and felt alive. I close my eyes for  a moment and tried to feel the positive energy flowing through my body..i could feel the garden inhaling..exhaling and  I was breathing with it, i could feel my blood in veins like i could feel the water from the stream racing towards its destination, i could feel every little leaf and every little grain of sand.
My hair felt exactly like the green grass and my arms and legs felt like branches...tree branches that were reaching for the sun to catch as much of it as they could...i laid down and felt one with the soil beneath me...i could not feel anything else but the garden...i died and became the garden...