joi, 19 august 2010


"Just lay back. relax and let the water and soap wash all your pain away...." that is what the doctor ordered, he even told me: " It's just a dream, it's not real and it will all go away". But he doesn't know...that it isn't a dream, it's just as real as he is and just as annoying.
How can he have the nerve to tell me that it's all a dream., when the scratches and the woonds prove i am right, prove that i am not imagine things, prove that i am not mad...But they want me to be mad...yes...that's it...they want me to be mad so they could lock me in for ever.. but i won't let can't let them...i musn't let them! If they lock me up i can't run anymore and i certanely can't hide and then i will surely die...
I was haunted by that...that..thing, that monster ever since i moved out....and i don't know why am i the only one that can see it, feel it, get hurt by it...and it only comes out at the shadows...If they lock me up, it will always be there in the shadows...tormenting me to death...but i can't let them lock me up...i have to prove them that it is real and i am not insane...

"-This won't hurt at all. You might feel a bit weak, i suggest you sleep. The doctor will soon come to see you...just relax and it will go away." the nurse said in a low, menacing voice...that's how i know It already got me!

12 comentarii:

  1. Scary!! Get away from that Nurse Diesel! Loved the Hitchcockesque-ness of this piece.

  2. And that's what happens when we only have Medicare insurance.

  3. Wow! What a creative Magpie you have conceived!

  4. sad,
    your words drew readers, well done!

  5. Scary story! So gald they still let you use the internet!

  6. Oh, no. Run as fast as ever you can!

  7. oh your mag is deliciously creepy! i like it! smiles.

    my magpie

  8. "True, nervous . . . very, very dreadfully nervous I have been and am. But why will they say that I am mad?"

    Your terrific Magpie reminded me of the opening lines of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

    Well done!