vineri, 8 octombrie 2010

When trees cry

You know it's autumn when trees cry...
Subtle changes that we cannot feel, but we only notice when the golden leaves start to cover  the green grass.
When the gentle summer sun stars to slowly fade and the autumn breeze makes it's way through the thin air... you can almost feel the trees shiver, as they too, fade away...
They know they will soon have to sleep deeply as to survive the merciless winter and that is when they start to cry...
Trees are lively creatures that adore to dance with the wind and play with the rain drops, they like to tease the sunlight and play hide and seek with the midnight moon. Trees like to stare at stars and scare others with their cunning shadows and monster like branches...
Trees love to stay awake and talk about philosophy, for they are as old as the ground beneath them, they like to predict the future and they sometimes bet on it too, they like to hear the music of mother nature and sing-along to birds tweets...
That is why sadness fills their core, and they can feel how every inch of their has to be put to sleep in order to survive...that is when their leaves turn to golden brown or rusty red...and they shed their leaves just like we shed tears when a beloved one dies...
You know it's autumn when trees star to cry...
this weeks magpie

8 comentarii:

  1. I never thought of trees crying before, but it rings true. Your poem is very touching.

  2. We are in the beginning stage of losing leaves in Central Oregon ... I will look at the falling leaves this year and imagine them crying.

  3. Trees shedding leaves like we shed tears...I can c that.

  4. this is a wonderful take...trees crying..i had never thought of it that way...nice magpie!

  5. I too never thought of it as trees crying, interesting, but it rings true with reading your poem.

    Nicely done.

  6. Wonderful. I especially like your brilliant opening line.

  7. Beautiful! I'd never thought of trees crying.

  8. Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island...