joi, 21 octombrie 2010

Break all frames

Fit in the frame...that is what i refuse to do!
This world and it's ways has a lot to offer but all humans never see that, they care only about money and how to make it, popularity and  how to gain it, and rarely they realize that life means much more, rarely they just stop to live for awhile...
After noticing this...i tried to fight it, and i fought long and hard...but society has chains that are made of the hardest i got tied down, just like an insane person...
I did all i could to escape..i ripped my flesh on those chains i screamed and struggled, i cried and bled, i cursed and was all in vain...they just wanted to turn me into another piece of their sick puzzle, but i refused!
So i made my own world! BittiLand, where insanity is normal, and where everyone is free and happy, it's not utopia, but it's very close, and everyone can say what they when they want, act and dress they way they want, there is no such thing as money and no such thing as sorrow, unless the other bitties want to...
And in the end, i won...i am not a puzzle piece, i am free....i broke the frame!

7 comentarii:

  1. Wherever BittieLand is (maybe right here?) I wish to become a citizen...HEY! I already AM one!

    This is really REALLY G O O D!!!

    Steve E

  2. Bittiland sounds like it will be lots of fun.

  3. "Society has chains" - Sad but true!

  4. I love the way u always merge serious things with naivety. Nice prompt!

  5. authentic words,
    you speak and I hear,
    divine tale.