sâmbătă, 16 octombrie 2010

Mad world

Each time i walk out of my house or out of my own little world I get a very crazy feeling...
I feel that this entire "society" we worked so hard to build is actually sitting on smoke and clouds, "we" built a certain pattern and now it is "our" obligation to follow it, or suffer the consequence, the only problem is that this pattern was based on nothing but thin air...this pattern has absolutely no substance what so ever and what is worse we follow it blindly, and you know the pattern i am talking about  because you can feel it's weight every day, every second, and even if you want to resist you somehow cannot. It's like the entire society is your mother and it tells you to go to school, get a job, earn money, get married by 30 and have children, act a certain way, wear certain clothes, think like the rest and share the same bloody opinions and if you don't then your "mommy" will not give you desert, and if someone tries to fight falling in this pattern, the others make sure to crush every nonconformist spirit and turn us around...So why do we follow this shallow pattern of society? Because we are afraid to actually be ourselves, we are afraid of being ridiculed, we are afraid of breaking this pattern because if the pattern breaks, the entire world would stop. My issue here is that the world already stopped, and it stopped ages ago when we first decide to obey rules that were against our nature. The world is static and we are all dead, we "live" like robots and our only purpose is to continue this pattern with as little change as possible.

We live in a mad world because it is against every known and unknown nature, principle, ideal or law for humans to be their own slaves, we are our own slaves and we will continue to be slaves unless we start to be who we truly are!

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  1. love your courage here.
    your talent soars,
    your detective senses shine bright,
    outstanding blogger.
    welcome to my blog.

  2. How are you, friend?

    Glad to land on your exciting poetry land here.

    Welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!


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