vineri, 1 octombrie 2010


Fire... some say it can purify, some say it's bad... but fire is not good nor just is
Every time something burns, it means the end of it, but it can also mean a new begining... when you burn a field to destroy all the plants there you do to clean the field for future crops; when you burn wood you do it to obtain heat so you can maintain lifeform
And when you burn oil in a lamp you do it to gain light...
Unlike thunder, rain or lighting, fire is not a natural phenomenon, and it was not entirely produced by humans, it;s not natural nor artificial, it's both, it is a paradox...
To obtain fire, you need both nature and humans...i always considered that humans are no longer part of nature since they derived from the natural path so much that they no longer adapt to nature, but they adapt nature to their own needs, so for me, humans are the opposite of nature...
 Fire is like a link between humans and nature...because you need them both to creat it, and fire combines both the essence of "human", which is to destroy, and the essence of nature, which is to create.

Fire is indeed the only natural element within us, the fire from our hearts sometimes confused with desire, wrath, love, anger, is fire that burns in our souls and keeps us alive as long as we provide it with the necessary fuel. It is the burning fire that provides us with the instinct to procreate...

"Bright-flaming, heat-full fire, the source of motion"  

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  1. You are right. Perhaps fire is like something neutral? Wanna see my Magpie? It's at

  2. tend your fire well...tis true. nice magpie

  3. Tend to the light of the fire, such a prism of hopes it may hold.

  4. A special Magpie - nice narrative piece!

  5. Fire, flames, fascinating tale....
    Nice Magpie.

    Mine is up.


  6. U r so right - the end usually signals a nu beginning.