miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010

Autumn mornings

Nothing compares to warm, sunny autumn mornings
When you wake up and the room is slightly chilled and you want to stay 5 more minutes in your warm bed...but you wake up, open the door and the pale sun washes your face and it feels... familiar...
You take a deep breath and while the fresh morning air fills your lungs you suddenly remember childhood
...and like a flash-back you recall your school days...
...young, innocent, eager...
Everything seemed different then, it felt like nothing could stop you from your path and dreams seemed  real.
You take another deep breath and you smile...
The air tastes the same as it did back then...this gives you confidence, and you start to believe in those dreams again...
Autumn mornings are natures way of telling you that even though everything around you changes, you can be certain that the most important things remain the same...
Autumn mornings are there to ensure us that even nature is now falling asleep, it will still be there to embrace us and it will always makes us feel like children...
...because in the end that's what we are and we will always be...naive children that dream of being all grown up.

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14 comentarii:

  1. Beautiful poem. I like:

    "you start to believe in those dreams again."

    Why not, I say! And I don't think we will ever be 'all grown up.'

  2. naive children that dream of being all grown up..liked it very much

    beautiful poem

  3. Wonderful to be able to look back at your childhood for confidence. Not all of us have that wonderful advantage. Lovely Magpie!

  4. What a dreamlike poem! The memories are amazing as well!

  5. Naive is a surprising word - it adds a great deal to the wonderful poem.

  6. Wonderful to hold on to those dreams. I love the extra five minutes on chilly mornings!

  7. Yes, even nature falls asleep...beautiful, vivid images.

  8. beautifully wrought poem- took me back to those
    chilly Fall mornings as a child...leaping out of bed to get ready for school

  9. smiles. i always want to be a child and autumn mornings are the best...delightful magpie

  10. wonderful magpie-uplifting and inspiring!

  11. I love the image of nature falling asleep...

  12. Wonderful magpie filled with hope and dreams of the children in all of us.

    Nicely done.