luni, 19 iulie 2010

No utopia for humans....

If you are like me, you spend a very good amount of time thinking how would it be if the world were perfect. No hunger, no violence, no economical trouble, humans living in peace, no animals being tortured by humans, no nuclear weapons, no pollution, and the list goes on. Ahhh, yes, Utopia... who wouldn't want to live there? A world where there is no suck level to fight( nerdfighter joke), a world where there are no bad things, a world where you don't need any leaders because the people are all fair and correct, a world without crimes...such a world is possible only in our mind!

The human nature is a mystery, we want to live in a utopic world and the only thing that stops us is our selves! Even if Utopia existed, we can't change who we are! We would destroy it the same way we destroyed this world we live in! Why? Because it is in our blood to destroy, it is in our nature to be part good and part evil, it is in our gens to be greedy, selfish, violent and always destroy that which we do not understand! And even with blood transfusions, gen spliting and environmental change, we still can't change who and what we are no matter how much we try...

Utopia is a dream for a reason, it it impossible to make it reality because of us!

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  1. I don't wanna live in a Utopia, really! It would be too damn boring... Imagine living in a perfect world, what would be there to do? Nothin' 'cause it's perfect.
    Better to live in this crappy world and bang my head to the walls every minute, maybe start having a pill addiction 'cause of headaches, than do nothing all day...
    Better yet imperfection rules!