joi, 24 iunie 2010

Different views

Each individual has a different opinion on every little aspect of every little thing in the that opinion genuine or is it influenced?

Societies are made by individuals, with individuals and for individuals, but it clogs the individual. Individuals just blend in with society and in the end you don't really know if the individual's opinion is it's own or the society.

I have reached the conclusion that every person in the world has 7 view points that influence the original opinion: the world, as a whole( we, as a humans, want and need the same things to survive, food water and air, and we live on this planet living and trying to live, but in a different way than other animals do), the continent ( which influence how we do things to get the things we need to survive, we import and export the things we want and need, we communicate differently with other continents, for instance, asia and europe have a different relationship than asia and america), the country (each country has different traditions,needs and wants, economic, social standard, language, currency, rituals, than influence or way of thinking, some countries are more conservative, while others are more open minded), the region ( each region, like the country has different wants and needs, depending on the climate, fauna , flora, number of people living there and so one, and like the country it influence the individual's life style, social standard, educations etc), the group( which influence how we act, how high or low our standards are and how we react) the family (it influences us a lot, how we were brought up, our own traditions, how we respect certain values, how we ignore certain values, how strong or frail we are, how in/dependent we are and so on), and last, our own self (how we choose to act according to all that influences us, the way we choose our wants and needs based on the wants and needs of everything that is around us, and how we choose to act and react among each other).

All these different views and opinions influence our lives and more ways than we like to admit, and in the end it influence our choices and, of course, our way of thinking and ,in the end ,our view point and opinions.

In the end, are we really original and "independent" when every little thing around us has a major impact on the way we think and act?

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  1. About this... I think we can be original By the way we think, with every "major impact". I think that everyone has a slightly different opinion about something, even though it sounds the same.
    The "independent" part, well, I kind of reached the conclusion that everyone depends on something. Thus we can't be "independent".