joi, 29 iulie 2010

Soul mates...

  He seemed like an ordinary teenage boy because no one knew of his obsession...

Ever since he could remember He had this cylinder lock. He, or his parents, or anyone who knew him, could not remember where it appeared from and why...but he kept it under his pillow and every time he wondered about it's origins and it's purpose. He would spend hours  looking at it, trying to find a clue about it, or even something weird about it, but it was just an old, rusty and regular cylinder lock....

One day, the boy was walking home from school and almost got hit by car, luckily a girl warned him just in time. He couldn't help but feel attracted  to the girl that saved him, so he offered to buy her a drink as a "thank you".
While they were talking about the weather, news, and other subjects that did not say too much about ones personality, He realized he felt odd. He felt like he knew her, like He could guess her every move or thought. He payed closer attention...and He was right! He could guess her every move and every word She was going to say and. much more then this, he noticed that she was studying him as well, searching for the same answer: "Do I know this person?"
He decided to come clean...he explained what He noticed and found out She noticed that as well...there was silence between them for a brief was time to say goodbye.

Almost a month has passed since the encounter with the girl and he could not stop thinking of her, and what was weird is that every time he thought about the girl he also remembered about the lock he had ever since he could have memories. He felt like he was in the middle of something, but could not quite guess what... He tried hard to remember every little  detail about the girl and their meeting. He thought about it night and day, until he remembered : she had a necklace....a necklace with a key...not just any key, a rusty old key that might just ...NO....that fits in the lock!!!! "
What could this mean?"

And in that very moment she entered the room, holding the key, guessing...knowing what He was thinking...
They've put the key in the lock and turned it and with a screeching sound it opened to revel a picture of a bride and groom...they were the bride and groom and they was that transcended through time, love that survived each generation...a love so strong that could never die...So they did the obvious and got married!

After only one year of marriage they managed to change the entire world with their love, they did a lot of good and some say that their love was so strong it stopped hunger, war and poverty....some say that their love was God itself and other say that their love echoed in the whole Univers...
but that is just a tale...

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  1. Oh the power of love! This is such a magnificent tale of love! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. ah wonderful tale of love...i am a hopeful romantic so you pulled me right along...

  3. A gentle little tale of magical love.

  4. saving one's life, what a dramatic shift in the tale,
    beautiful and sweet line!

  5. Hopefully, for every lock there is a key!!!

  6. Nice and tender.

    A very creative take on the theme.

  7. OMG. I wore an old skeleton key around my neck when I was a teenager!

  8. That was so cute. I actually believe that love is the best weapon and shield to defend the person you love. Actually many people don’t realize the true meaning of the word “Love”. Theoretical “love” means = positive feeling for a person.(actually in dictionary it says for a person of different sex, but I believe in love between 2 persons of the same sex).It so simple to say “love is complicated” but so difficult to define. Love transcends everything, time, space, imperfections, and you get in the situation where you see the other person like a saint. Saint Paul says about love in 1 Corinthians chap.13 , v 1-8(it’s optional , for who wants to read , I didn’t wanted to write because I don’t want to annoy everyone). You can say you truly love someone when you will do everything for the loved one, and share happiness, sadness as a simple idea. But minor things but with a big emotional power like a sunshine, a walk in the rain, a coffee together, or just to stay and watch the moon and stars from the sky, etc. ,(I guess it’s enough with details and everyone can understand me), can create a trance moment that separates you from the daily world and feel like you and that person are the only one and you wish the time can stop, and more simple – can be a romantic moment. Today when you speak about love, this term is associated with – money, sex, interests, and I can say maybe love for many people is just a joke, a dream…and for anyone who was prepared for a true love, and it was disappointed created a nightmare. One important problem is that of “pride”.
    The common problem, that affects big percent of masculine sex.(Btw. I’m boy, and I don’t care about “men pride”, it’s a stupidity. I mean love is a “multiplayer game” where is no place for individuality, pride or dominance. Let’s see love as a game, a fair game, but the aim of this game is not that one of the partners to win, but to keep the entertainment.

  9. Beautiful, enchanting love story. This was a joy to read :)

  10. I love it! That's so cute! Really good, you could turn it into a book!