marți, 27 iulie 2010

Money makes the world go round

Pieces of paper with pictures on it, or round pieces of some metal, that is what leads our lives, gives us power and takes it away, makes us happy or depressed.....MONEY the number one joy-bringer and the number one problem maker!

At the beginning  humans were happier, why? Because they were free! Their only worry was to not be eaten and to eat...nowadays thing are more complicated then that. We have properties, houses, schools, jobs and families. We have responsibilities and issues, we have comfortable homes and fast transportation, we have ways of communicating  fast all over the world, we have advance technology and our social life has improved  way too much...but we only have access to all of these things if we have money.
In order for us to have money we must earn it, and earning money is harder then earning someones respect.
First we need to work for it, so we need to get a job, BUT in order to have a job we need some sort of training in that particular field we want/ are forced to work in. To be trained we need to have a certain age and a certain diploma. To acquire the age is easy, you let time to it's duty, to acquire the diploma you use that time to go to certain schools. In most countries people go to school from an early age, usually around 7, but before that you have kinder-garden ( a place were children get prepared for school and work, they learn to sit down, shut up and pay attention, they are thought to socialize and express themselves), then from the age of 7 'till the age of 18 u are stuck in school, after that you need to go to college, if you want a well paying job, so another 4 years, you might also need a master or a PHD, so by the time you are 27 you are done learning everything you need to know for your can say the training is over.

You get a job, you work hard, you earn money and you spend it on thing that make your life a little better, you pay for food , chelter and clothes and because you are bored with your life you get a hobby, and you spend money on that too. some even need special help to deal with certain problems so they pay money for a shrink or a hooker so you can forget about your trouble caused by/at work...

In the end you make money to spend money on the things that make you forget about the way you are making spend money on money, for money....

You want it, need it, dream of it, make it, give it, loan it, spend it, borrow it, use rules the entire world and each of us is just another willing slave..

One might go so far as to : Money = God

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  1. I agree... I have my own example for that... Don't give that much crap about material things, but I need money to survive (am not even talking about food...). It creeps me out, but thats life... ain't it?