marți, 27 iulie 2010

Dream Land-an insane's person getaway

      "  - 6 in the morning, must get up! Shower, breakfast and work, work, work....same old thing every passing day...
Friends? Family? No...just's just me and my playmates...they are the ones that keep me sane! YES, my playmates! How can i forget about them?!
         - Where my playmates live? Well they live in Dream Land, of course! And every day i visit them and we go on adventures and discover new places, maybe you should join me once, see how it is! should come with me there....OH, i forgot, i have powers there....yes, powers... But they only work in Dream Land! Must not use them in this world or else....
         - What powers? The power to WANT! You just want something and it comes true...but their are rules...rules you have to obey or you loose the power to Want!!! Only Bitties have the power to go to Dram Land and only they have the power to Want, that is one important rule...and to become a must sacrifice logic and rationality!  Abandon that and join me in Dream Land, you will love there..i love it there...And a little secret...i rule Dream Land, and even if those man in white robes from this world tell me that Dream Land it's not real, don't believe them, they are logicall and rational and don't aprove of it....and you must not speak of Dream Land while they are around or else they will give you bad medicine and put you away...

- The entrance to Dream Land.....Glad you asked... Here it is!!!


8 comentarii:

  1. The only place where a mad person, or even a sane person can be free...

  2. I think I'd enjoy your dreamland very much!

  3. So I finally get what bittis are ( in general!). Yey! So where do you think that room is? Does it have a secret code? Can I know it? I'd love to visit Bitti Dream Land!

  4. just go to bed, lay asleep and Dream Land gate you shall find

  5. I love it!! a very creative Magpie.
    But did you know that Dream Land is also here? that when we really want something the whole Universe conspires to give it to us... I live in Dream Land :))

    thanks for sharing your unique Magpie

  6. I am a Bitti too. Pleased to meet you here in cyberland!

  7. this writing was like so many doors opening in rapid succession..tumbling into dreamland
    wow what a ride..loved it
    I like how you maintained such tension throughout...almost yes I can see wanting to be a bitti