vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Life Lessons

I am only 20, going to be 21 soon and during my life i have learned some valuable lessons that i will share today.

1. Never fight for your rights, you will surely loose
2.If you fight for your rights you will be made a fool
3.If you are fighting for your rights against a "superior" that superior will remember you and will make your life hell
4.When you fight for your rights you will find yourself fighting all alone, not even your closest friends or family will support in your battle because they already know that it is indeed a lost cause
5.You are never right...even if in fact you are truly right
6. The truth is relative
7. The truth resists simplicity
8.Never ever tell the truth, no one will believe you
9.Telling the truth will only get into more trouble
10.Cheating is the only way you can win
11.Being dishonest is a quality
12.When you are down, better stay there, cause if you get up things will get complicated
13. Become a mindless zombie, because there is no use in fighting the system
14. The system in unbeatable

There are only a few lessons i've learned, i don not follow these "rules of life" but i discovered if i do, then i can get where i want...that is why i am not where i want...i choose to live differently

2 comentarii:

  1. we all learn our life lessons.
    thanks for sharing.

    you rock.

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