duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Irrational fear of death

It is not in my grasp to understand why humans have developed such a fear....the fear of death...
yest, it is indeed unknown what we may find beyond, and it is also uncertain that there even is a "beyond"....but in the end, death, just like birth and life, is a natural thing, so whatever lies beyond is just as natural as the life we live.
This unexplained fear of death did not exist in the early times, when life was not as important and things like glory, honor, love, respect  and friendship  mattered much more then they do now, not to mention that life was shorter then( about 40 year maximum).
Nowadays we care little of important qualities we might poses and pay too much attention to the material side of life and how much we can earn and spend, and all of a sudden life in general means little to us.
Why do I say life means little? Because of the way we live, the air is barely breathable because of pollution, we eat only toxins and became lazy. To some humans a simple 5 minute walk seems like an unbearable burden.
Even though we care little about our health and life, we still live much longer.Why? Because we are so afraid of dying, because we do not want to understand it, because no one even speaks about it....
We are so afraid of death we even doubled our life span, from 40 to 80....

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  1. It's true that we are afraid of death and in some ways that enhanced our lifespan. But, I don't think that only fear made us live longer lives... Honestly, following that logic wouldn't germ freaks have the better immune systems? When the truth is that they become weak from too much protection.
    But, I do agree with the part with people got lazy, real lazy over time. And my belief is that with all this god awful high tech bullshit we'll become obese morons that need brain plugs to communicate, 'cause it will be too darn exhausting.
    Anyway, our "human beauty" will survive with plastic branded under skin layers and neurons will be needless since we'll have other shit that will take care of it for us.
    So, to sum it all up, I believe that the future generation will have pretty "tough" looking at nature beauty through pixels. Poor bastards won't even know how much fun a mud fight or hiking can be...
    But, hey, they'll have long lives!