marți, 10 august 2010

Garden of Eden?

The place was one in sight for miles and miles on end. The only noise was that made by the wind and insects and the building in front was old and falling apart, a few windows were broken and the gray curtains were dancing playfully being blown by the wind. the door was wide oped as if someone or something broke in the house and the stairs had scratches all over them, just like the walls...As i looked closer i've noticed blood stains all over and then i felt a chill...i turned, and in a blink of an eye i saw a big black shadow, i tried to move but i couldn't and before i could scream i was covered by the thick freezing shadow...and jsut as it came it dissaperead and something caught my was magnificent garden right in front of could i not notice it before?

All the plants were vivid green and the blooming flowers were almost smiling at me, butterflyes were playing about and the bright white light made it look like a fairy tale.
The garden looked, smelled and felt alive. I close my eyes for  a moment and tried to feel the positive energy flowing through my body..i could feel the garden inhaling..exhaling and  I was breathing with it, i could feel my blood in veins like i could feel the water from the stream racing towards its destination, i could feel every little leaf and every little grain of sand.
My hair felt exactly like the green grass and my arms and legs felt like branches...tree branches that were reaching for the sun to catch as much of it as they could...i laid down and felt one with the soil beneath me...i could not feel anything else but the garden...i died and became the garden...

5 comentarii:

  1. Wowza! I must say, that when it happens, I kind of hope it happens that way...

  2. Very vivid and full of emotion .... nicely done.

  3. oh wow...intense and vivid...fading into the garden...nice magpie!