marți, 3 aprilie 2012

Artistically handicapped

If we were to live in the renaissance period we would have to become homo universalis to be recognized professionally which made it very easy for an individual to define and redefine ones personality, today we live in a paradox. We have to work just as hard to get professional recognition BUT only in one domain, no wait...only in a particular part of a field that belongs to one single domain This means we have so little time for anything else because we have to discover every single detail there is to discover in our microscopic area of expertise, thus leading us to know nothing about ourselves or the world we live in. We cannot live complexly!
We become individuals that know nothing about anything, we do not know ourselves, we have no idea about our strengths or weaknesses and we certainly know nothing about where we should truly be.

I shall give an example in the matter at hand: i went to school and studied chemistry, i understood it and loved as well and i did ok in class, but the teacher never let us feel what chemistry is actually about, we went in the laboratory just to be there, we never got to mix a potion or even see one being mixed, maybe i would have been the next Marie Curie if only i would have had the opportunity to actually study the way chemistry should have been studied.

Am i really to blame because i do not know what i am really capable of? I ask myself these lately because i noticed the way people are brought up into this world, at first they have so much potential, but then society breaks them down and tells them what to do, and if they do not do it they way they are supposed to do it, then society makes sure to make their life very very difficult

At first we are born with boundaries, then our family teach us some more boundaries so we can survive out there and of course society set more boundaries for us to respect.
They say the sky is the limit, but i think we must break all these boundaries first!

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