joi, 5 ianuarie 2012

A world that is not real

I do not understand how is it possible to live in this day and age and still be racist or sexist?
I do not mind the jokes, they are jokes in the end, they are supposed to make us all laugh and point out certain flaws that a targeted group has, but to take a simple flaw and make it a general characteristic when you are surround by examples that are contrary to that flaw is doing nothing but emphasize how little you truly know about the world around you. I shall explain myself with examples:
Men usually joke around and say that a woman's place is in the kitchen or that she is incapable of thinking, while, all around the world, the best cooks are men, and not to mention that the best chess player in history  is a female, Judith Polgar,with a bigger IQ than Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.
Also, another stereotype is that women are not at all good at politics. Can someone please explain to me then why is Germany and Switzerland run by women and are to very rich and strong countries?
Sure, a misogynist will tell me that these are only exceptions.This explanation would have been fine if i wouldn't have seen so many women that smart, strong, intelligent and so on.
Another example,the president of USA is a black person, so why do people keep thinking that black people belong only in the getto?
Most people around me tell me that gypsies are thieves and muggers, yet a gypsy saved me from a mugger and potential rapist.
In addition, people tell me how honorable and just the japanese  people are, but i lived on the same street  for 17 years where they had stores and they always managed to steal money from other people and they were violent against others too.
All i am saying is, why do we put so many labels based on so little known factors? Humans are humans and they will always act different!
I've seen women that were much stronger than men, i've seen men that were much more tender and loving and sensible then women, i've seen black people and gypsies doing the exact opposite of what society things they would do, i've seen japanese people bad at math, and all these stereotypes have become the exception and not the rule.
I do not what to live on a planet that is so cruel and harsh and has so much hate for others just because they think stereotypes are real. The white MAN is no the best creature on this planet,  the HUMAN is not the only creature on this planet and it most certainly is not the best creature either!

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