marți, 7 decembrie 2010

Winter in BittiLand

Winter once more....
It's funny, all i want to do is stay and day-dream, drinking hot coco and watching fantasy movies...

Winter in BittiLand is much better than winter in the "Real Land"!
You have self-building snow creatures, and the ginger bread man are willing to let you eat their heads off because they grow and even better one...not to mention that you can drink white and black striped hot coco with cinnamon flavor..oh and the snow flakes...they tease you a lot and try to tickle your nose with their cheeky grin...
X-mas trees are everywhere, but the best thing is you don't have to murder them because they are alive and move into your home, but you have to feed them butter cookies and let them drink scotch and white chocolate eggnog
Yes..winter in BittiLand is better,,,because it rains with little bitti gifts and sweets!

4 comentarii:

  1. Lovely.
    An animated Winter that wants to live.

  2. I love the notion of letting my tree drink scotch!

  3. From what you've told me I'd take winter in BittiLand over winter in Real Land any day :)
    Very funny.

  4. Hi, I'm a total stranger here, You don't know me, but I have a question : If we go in BittiLand, do we have penguins and pandas there?And Pepsi?
    Thanks and Happy Holidays - Total Stranger :)