vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

Sled, the bitties friend

Every child enjoys snow! The fist snowfall of the year is just like a birthday, you wake up, you rush at the window you gaze in amazement at the sugary grounds, than you get dressed and run outside to frolic and play in the fresh snow. Today was the first snowfall of this year, in my wasn't much, just a few shy flakes dancing about... in BittiLand things are much more different! The first snowfall always comes in the same day, and every bitti celebrates it like a holiday! With two months before the glorious day each and every single little bitti gets their best friend Sled and practice, practice, practice for the annual dancing competition. Yes! A dancing competition! Sled and the bitties bust some great dance moves on the frozen lake and the Snow Patrol Swans are the judges, the winner gets to hang out with Sled until the snow melts. Why would you want to hang out with Sled? Because Sled in one of the coolest bitties to hang out with during winter, and no to mention that Sled knows the best jokes ever and gives the best hand-made gifts ever!!!!

Un comentariu:

  1. I feel this way about the first snowfall every season. It is, indeed, so special, just like a birthday.

    (btw, I see a tiny typo in your second line ;^)